Vocal Training

Typically clients know their subject matter but lack the delivery and vocal skills necessary to make their message direct and empowering.  Dr. Miller and Ms. Verdun train clients from all backgrounds and professional levels to speak with clarity, confidence and a pleasant vocal tone. 

Clients learn a life-changing set of tools and capabilities that cause transformative changes within short periods of time. Voicetrainer, LLC’s unique services integrate multiple disciplines including psychology, speech physiology, voice therapy, biofeedback and high-end media communication consulting.


How Vocal Training Works

Your ninety minute assessment includes audio analysis, goal setting and the development of your personalized vocal training program.  During this visit, Ms. Verdun performs an acoustic analysis of your vocal tone, an assessment of your breathing, diction, intonation and body language.  Together, Laura and you discuss what you like and don't like about the sound of your voice and compare your vocal and breath information to age and sex- matched norms. Following the consultation, you will receive written analysis of  your voice,  breath, diction, intonation and body language and an action plan to meet your training objectives.  Actual training begins during your initial assessment.   

Follow-up training, is conducted in line with your personalized plan. During trainng, weekly communication is recommended so that your progress can be monitored.


Who Will Benefit

  • Business executives and professionals
  • Media specialists
  • Sports broadcasters
  • Speakers who don't like the sound of their voice

Also Available: Group Workshops

Dr. Miller has traveled internationally to conduct seminars and clinics on communicating confidently, speaking publicly, achieving vocal power and vocal health, conquering performance anxiety, and understanding communication challenges in the workplace.

Workshops are designed for groups ranging from 10 to 500 participants. Past workshops include "Being Heard at the Leadership Table and Beyond", "Cultivating the Medium of the Message: Your Voice", "Being Heard Clearly in the Boardroom and the Elevator" and "Communication Challenges in the Workplace."



Past Workshops and Seminars


American Association of Medical Colleges

ASHA HealthCare and Business Institute

AY Recruiting Solutions

CARR Workplaces

Children's Hospital

Cosmos Club

DC Women's Bar Association

George Mason University Sports Managment

Georgetown University

GOLD Center

Harvard University Alumni

Junior League of Cincinnati

Lee Hecht Harrison

Lockheed Martin

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Nelson Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth University

Smithsonian Institution Resident Associate Program


The Voice Foundation

US Government

Wake Forest School of Medicine