Be Heard The First Time by Dr. Susan Miller 

Everyone can and should be able to express their ideas clearly and fully.  Achieve your business and career goals with:

  • Polished presentation skills
  • Professional presence and style
  • Voice people listen to and respect           

Dr. Susan Miller is passionate about empowering women with the effective, compelling communication skills they need to articulate and achieve their goals, communicate their needs, and master the art of “being heard” when it counts. 

Be Heard the First Time, an operator’s manual for oral communication, shares the seven key skills of competent speakers while incorporating Dr. Miller’s proven strategies for breath and pitch control. Dr. Miller show beginners how to focus on posture, presence, comfort level, and the message itself. For the more skilled speaker, Dr. Miller provides effective strategies for combating dry mouth, retrieving words, and answering aggressive questioning when faced with a high-level public meeting or press conference. 

Be Heard the First Time promises to help a reticent women walk, stand and sit powerfully, even if she feels insecure; like the sound of her voice; breathe deeply and slowly when she is anxious; say the last word of a sentence without trailing off; express her opinions, desires and experiences clearly; vary the loudness, pitch and duration of her voice when speaking; entertain others with stories, presentations and tall tales; finish her statement without interruption; interview, clarify, object, debate and negotiate powerfully; and respond assertively to criticism. 

With Dr. Miller’s help, the soft-spoken, patent attorney––when promoted to the CEO position––can quickly learn how to make a confident and visible entry to a conference or reception area, and how to speak with assurance and conviction. For those aiming for promotion, this book reveals how to “be heard the first time” so you can achieve your goals.

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