Media Articles & Interviews

Dr. Miller and Ms. Verdun are frequent contributors to news articles and television broadcasts on a variety of voice and public speaking topics. Dr. Miller has been featured on ABC, CBS, CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Voice of America, and NPR. Below you will find links to articles, videos and podcasts.

Through the Noise podcast (September 2016)

Would You Really Like Hillary More if She Sounded Different (The Atlantic, August 2016)

The Science Behind Hating Hating Hillary's Voice (The Atlantic, August 2016)

Totally Fried.  (ASHA, February 2016)

A Candidate's Voice May Sway Your Vote (Science Friday, August 15, 2015):


Diane Rehm and Susan Miller at Spasmodic Dysphonia Symposium


Professional Women Seek To Boost Career By Changing Voice
Dr. Miller Interviews with Wendy Rieger of NBC4 Washington

Making Your Voice Heard
Dr. Miller Interviews with Alexandra McGee of ABC7 Washington