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When They Notice Your Voice Instead of Your Accomplishments

Posted on September 20, 2013 in Body and Voice

Victoria Duval, a 17 y.o. US professional tennis player in her first US Open appearance, beat Samantha Stosur, the 2011 US Open champion, in the first round.    This was really an amazing accomplishment.  However, her success was minimized by comments about her voice during her post-match interview.  Here are a few selections from assorted print publications, the TV media provided more of the same:

  • Victoria Duval, 17, with a squeaky voice and a loud forehand, upset 11th-seeded Samantha Stosur, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4, Tuesday in the first round of the U.S. Open.  (LA Times, 8/27/2013)
  • The voice is tiny, but there was nothing small about American Victoria Duval's first Grand Slam win. (USA Today, 8/28/2013)
  • With her pipsqueak voice, white-framed glasses and wide grin, Duval lives by the motto “have fun.” (NY Times, 8/27/2013)
  • With sweet stroke and voice, Victoria Duval causes racket at U.S. Open. (NY Daily News, 8/29/2013)
  • Victoria Duval’s childlike high-pitched voice makes her seem much younger than her 17 years, but the Miami-born, Haitian-American teen showed the poise of a seasoned veteran Tuesday as she pulled off one of the biggest upsets in recent U.S. Open history.  (Miami Herald 8/29/2013)

This young woman’s physical performance was fierce, however her voice did not convey the same image, and that is what the media chose to highlight.  Do not let your voice get in the way of your accomplishments.  Does your voice sound the way you want it to?  Does your voice project the image that you intend?

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